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Writing weekender: Memorable Characters

2.5-day writing workshop in Italy

Course details

Every story revolves around character, but it’s not always easy to write characters that will stay with your readers long after they’ve finished reading. If you’re struggling to make your characters come alive or figure out where to take them in your story, then this workshop is for you. Using interactive techniques from film, theatre and fiction, you’ll: Learn how to write memorable, complex characters Understand their psychological motivations, biography & flaws Develop a library of gestures, vocalisations & movements specific to your characters What we’ll cover: How to write and use backstory The physical & psychological world of the character How to write characters distinct from each other How characters contradict themselves & each other Where we’ll work: The beautiful baroque city of Nardò, just an hour’s flight from Rome. Not included: Transportation to and from Nardò Accommodation Food & drink Appropriate for writers of all genres. We welcome writers starting out as well as non-native English speakers. Contact with any questions!

  • Starts 4 Oct

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