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Everyone has a story to tell and can, given the right inspiration & community.

The Writing Grove is a place to slow down and work on your craft, away from the distractions and pressures of every day life.

We welcome writers of all backgrounds and experience levels.

We offers short courses ranging from two days, to two weeks.

picture of Lloyd Miner, founder of the Writing Grove, creative writing workshop in Italy

Hi there, I'm Lloyd.

I believe that writing is as much about community as it is about craft. Though at times solitary, writing shouldn't be lonely. I've seen time and time again that writers thrive when they have a community to lean on for support and encouragement.

I started the Writing Grove to help aspiring and experienced creative writers all over the world gain the skills and confidence they need to improve their writing, build their confidence and build a supportive writing community.

When you work with me, you'll find I foster a calm, positive and focused environment, with a bit of fun laughter thrown into the mix.

I've published short stories and essays in the US and Europe. Short plays I've written have been performed in New York, London and Australia.  

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We're based in Nardò, a small baroque city full of lively squares, grand palazzi & friendly inhabitants.

3,000 years old, the city was founded (according to legend) when explorers saw water spring from where a bull stomped its feet. To this day, the bull remains a mascot of the city.

Nardò is the perfect city to wander ancient alleyways and admire stunning, centuries-old churches. You can also eat very well here and we're fortunate to have plenty of local wine producers, ideal for an afternoon aperitivo.

We conduct our workshops in a former cloister, just off the main square, Piazza Salendra.


Located in Puglia (the heel of Italy), Nardò is a twenty-minute drive from Lecce, an hour from Brindisi airport and a short cycle to the Ionian Sea.


You can reach us by public transportation, with a little planning. You can read more about that here.


Workshop participants will stay in Releais Monasterio Santa Teresa, a Baronial palace built in the thirteenth century; in the 1600s it was converted to a monastery. In the Napoleonic era, the state confiscated the church and sold it to nobles. Today it is a luxury hotel filled with antique floors and frescos.  Each room is bright, airy and spacious, with ensuite. The palazzo is also full of art works ranging from the Middle Ages to the modern day.  The monastery will inspire you whilst providing a restful atmosphere to write in.  

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Are you looking to hone your writing skills, meet new people and explore Italy away from the masses?



We partner with local experts and small businesses as much as possible to provide an authentic experience and participate in the local economy.

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