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Writer's Toolkit Workshop (Online)

4-week workshop where you'll master the fundamentals of creative writing

Course details

This course is for you if you: - Are an aspiring creative writer who doesn’t know where to start with your piece - Love reading and always wanted to write but worried you don’t have the skills to do it well - Struggle to find the time or inspiration you need to get your writing going - Want motivation and accountability with your writing - Want to be part of a global community of writers who support each other WHAT YOU'LL GET: - Learning by doing: we’ll analyse a sample piece by a pro, break it down to figure out how it works and show you how to use the techniques in your writing - Challenging exercises to get your ideas out of your head and onto paper - Personalised feedback from the teacher and your peers - A calm and supportive environment - Time to be creative and have fun! SKILLS YOU'LL LEARN: - Tone & Mood - Persona - Description & imagery: Make your scenes and settings come alive by writing with the five senses. - Revision: Improve your writing through re-writing - Learn to give and receive constructive feedback Cost is inclusive of VAT, no extra costs will be charged at point of purchase.

  • Starts 16 Jan 2024

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