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Intro to Fantasy Writing (EU)

5-week course for writers eager to explore the realms of fantasy.

  • Starts 1 Oct
  • 437 euros
  • Online (CET Timezone)

Spots available

Course details

5 Tuesdays, starting 1 October to 29 October, meeting from 18:00 – 19:30 (CET, Amsterdam time) This creative writing course class size is 6 – 12 people. Price includes all fees. In all stories with a fantastical element, we ask readers to suspend their belief in realistic things and accept the unreal. How can we do this? By creating the unbelievable in a believable way. Writers do this by having a clear vision and coherent logic for their fantastical world. This 5-week course explores the elements and genres of fantasy writing and involves participants in a series of writing tasks, culminating in a finished short story or chapter of a longer work. The course is collaborative, with participants preparing ideas and drafts between sessions, working together to discuss, give feedback, and learn to edit their writing, all the time focusing on their chosen fantastical perspective. This Course Will Help Fantasy Writers: -Understand the core elements of fantasy writing: learn the foundational aspects of fantasy writing, including worldbuilding, magic systems and character development -Explore different genres within fantasy: high, low, epic, dark urban and more -Develop believable fantastical elements: techniques to make the incredible credible, learn to immerse your readers without losing them -Collaborate with peers to refine ideas and drafts: work both independently and in a group setting -Receive and give constructive feedback: learn to share your work confidently with others -Edit and polish your fantasy stories: focus on bringing a story to life, refining it and producing a finished piece. About Your Instructor: Maggie Holman has more than forty years of teaching experience. She writes speculative fiction and has published five books, including The Wishing Sisters, The Knocking and Save the White Stag. Her writing has been longlisted at the Mogford Prize and the National Literacy Trust UK, and shortlisted by the Nature of Cities and SaveAs Writers.

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*All of our prices are based in Euros. The conversion to your local currency is an approximation. 

Happy Writers

The Writing Grove retreat was an incredible experience. Lloyd is an intuitive teacher who brings his vast experience in writing and background in theatre to his lessons. You will leave his lessons feeling more confident in your own writing abilities, and if you have the ability to do one of his masterfully curated retreats, you will leave feeling inspired, refreshed, and itching to do the next one!If you’re working on a novel, already published, or just stepping into the world of writing for the first time, I cannot recommend The Writing Grove enough!"

Anova, USA

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